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Das Northern Territory befindet sich im Norden Australiens. Die Küste liegt in den Tropen bzw. den Subtropen, während der Süden im trockenen Outback liegt. Während meiner Australienreise habe ich im nördlichen und im südlichen Teil einige Fotos erstellt.

Termitenbau in der Tanami Desert

Städte in Northern Territory

Alice Springs, Darwin, Gove, Tennant Creek

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Bilder und Karten aus Northern Territory


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Nationalparks in Northern Territory

  • Kakadu National Park: The name "Kakadu" comes from an Aboriginal floodplain language called Gagudju which was one of the languages spoken in the north of the park at the beginning of the twentieth century. Although languages such as Gagudju and Limilngan are no longer regularly spoken, descendants of these language groups are still living in Kakadu. Aboriginal languages used in the Park today include Kunwinjku from the north-eastern region, Gun-djeihmi from the central region and Jawoyn from the southern region. (Siehe Bericht hier im Wiki.)
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→ Park Notes - Anbangbang
→ Park Notes - Gunlom and Beyond
→ Park Notes - Yurmikmik
→ Information über Gunbim (Rock Art)
  • Nitmiluk - Katherine Gorge National Park: This 292,800 hectare National Park is owned by the Jawoyn Aboriginal people and jointly managed with the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.
  • Trephina Gorge: Trephina Gorge, in the East MacDonnell Ranges, is noted for its sheer quartzite cliffs and River Red Gum lined watercourses.
  • Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon): Watarrka National Park contains the western end of the George Gill Range. This scenic landscape of rugged ranges, rockholes and gorges acts as a refuge for many plants and animals, making the Park an important conservation area and major attraction of central Australia. Kings Canyon features ancient sandstone walls, sculptured by the elements, rising up 100m to a plateau of rocky domes.
  • Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park: Our land is a unique and beautiful place. This is recognised by its listing as a World Heritage Area for both its cultural and natural values. We would like all people with an interest in this place to learn about the land from those who have its knowledge. Please respect this knowledge and open your minds and hearts to our enduring culture.

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